Serena Williams' 9/11 Observance

For anyone who isn't a fan of The Great Game of tennis, or who simply missed it, here's a clip of Serena Williams' tirade during the Women's Final of the 2011 US Open. Williams goes 'flip-city' when the umpire rules against her for shouting while the ball was still in play.

Among thousands of ensuing reports, op-eds and insipid blogs, CNN Sports anchor Candy Reid stops to ponder, "Has Serena Williams been judged too harshly?"

Reid posits this vapid insight, "Would this even be an issue if Serena was male? Andy Roddick is one who delivers tongue lashings from time to time, but we don't often focus on what he said or how he said it. He's never been put on probation and probably never will be."

Maybe that's because Roddick has never threatened to harm a line judge, as did the eloquent Serena in 2009. "I swear to God! I feel like taking this f@#!king ball and shoving it down your f@#!king throat," Williams f@#!king screeched.

That's a little different from a mere tongue lashing. Has nothing to do with Serena being a woman and Roddick being a male. Nor does it relate to race, as some would proffer.

"Aren’t you the one who screwed me over last time here?" she accused the ump on Sunday.

No Serena, this is not the same woman who was in the chair when you lost your head in '09, and she wasn't screwing you. It was a good call.

Williams then went so far as to tell the ump not to look at her should they pass each other in the hallway. "You're a hater. You're unattractive inside," she taunted. Pathetic.

The world of tennis, steeped in a culture that embraces the ancient concept of etiquette, ought not tolerate this behavior. Williams should have been slapped with a steep fine and suspended from playing the 2012 US Open. Instead, the PC USTA assessed a whopping $2,000 penalty. (Bankruptcy forestalled.)

Someday, Williams might actually surpass Margaret Court to become the women's all time grand slam winner, but she will never be a true champion. That distinction requires a semblance of class.


Note: At the post match press conference, Williams exhibits a risqué piece from her latest fashion line, "As Nike as I Wanna Be."



Here's a fun piece excerpted from Britain’s Sunday Telegraph, long before Serena's 2009 Meltdown:



Acting up vs. hateful

I don't care whether it is a man or a woman on the court, there's a huge difference between losing one's cool in the heat of a hard-fought match, and being obnoxious, self-centered, hateful, and manipulative. I've lost any respect I might ever have had for Serena.

You Cannot Be Serious!

Always loved it when Johnny Mac flew off the handle. He owned it; didn't try and say he couldn't remember because the match was "intense."

- JF

Serena Williams

She is undoubtedly one of the best female tennis players of all time.

A few years ago, John McEnroe commented that the best female player in the world still couldn't beat any male ranked in the top 500. Serena found it insulting. When Serena was approached about a possible charity match between her and McEnroe, instead of gracefully saying she just wasn't interested for whatever reason she had every right to have,  she flippantly said, "Who? I've never heard of him," referring to McEnroe. It made her look like a churlish, thin skinned celebrity who didn't like being called out.

She did pretty much the same thing after the match at the U.S. Open a few days ago. When asked if she regretted saying those things to the umpire, she not only deflected the question, she simply didn't answer it. She didn't have the courage to answer it. 


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