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Moon Dance

I was really tired. I didn't think I had either the energy to drag my aging buttocks out of bed or the photographic skill to get the shot I envisioned.  My first attempt at shooting the 'Supermoon' was a complete disaster. 

 I was able to hold the camera fairly steady — no tripod here, babe — but left the shutter open too long and all I got was a bright white wafer dangling in the night sky. 

"Big Coal Faces Big Opposition" — Kinder Morgan Dumps Coal Port

Energy giant Kinder Morgan dumps sought to build a coal terminal along the Columbia River.  They weren't expecting such intrepid opposition, not just from environmentalists, but from the Everyman and Everywoman.

Bear Spray and Dirty Laundry

 I kayaked in the strong current of the deep fiord while Jennifer slept in, and I was startled when a killer whale surfaced only twenty yards away.  “Don’t worry,” my guide assured, “these are resident orcas and they only eat fish.”

NBC 'Food Fighters' Audition

 NBC Television is producing a new culinary game show called Food Fighters.  It will pit top-notch amateur cooks against top rated professional chefs. 

Coal Conspiracy — Greenpeace Video

The story telling is simple and clear, the music almost sounds like the soundtrack for a nursery school lesson.  Watch this great primer on the plan to turn the Northwest into an export hub for coal.

"Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat (aka Maeby) explains the truth about the coal industry's plans to export American coal."   ~  Greenpeace

Gateway Pacific Terminal — EIS

January 22, 2013

To the Washington Department of Ecology, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Planning and Development Services, Whatcom County,

A John Lennon Birthday

On October 9th, 2004, I set out from Snug Harbor aboard the Salish Sea Charter with several researchers from the Center For Whale Research on San Juan Island. I had never seen a pod of killer whales in the open sea, but that soon changed.

The Ride For Cherry Point

Learn more about the Gateway Pacific Terminal and the historic battle for Cherry Point on what promises to be a really fun, informative and memorable day.


Interesting story on NPR's Radio Lab this morning on how only we humans see nature in this colour spectrum. The bird sees something completely different. Click "Read more" - which do you like?

Gateway Pacific Terminal— "It's a Coal Port"

My presentation to the Bellingham City Council on the difference between a Dry Bulk Commodity Terminal—which Gateway Pacific Terminal purports to be—and a Coal Port, which is what GPT really is. Judging by their conversation—observable during the cutaway—Mayor Kelli Linville and the city attorney appear to have had something else on their minds.