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Interesting story on NPR's Radio Lab this morning on how only we humans see nature in this colour spectrum. The bird sees something completely different. Click "Read more" - which do you like?

Back To The Rapture (To be read in the voice of Daniel Pinkwater)

The Rapture did not live up to my expectations. In fact, I was turned away upon arrival for arguing that my dog should also be admitted.

"For Christ's sake!" I howled. "What friggin' kind of heaven don't allow no dogs?"

The woman at the reception counter wore a heavily starched white uniform and looked a lot like Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. "I am sorry," she patronized, "but dogs simply aren't allowed in heaven."

Encountering The Socially Unacceptable — à la J.P. Donleavy

You may find that these time honored reposts come in handy when confronted with the hostile, the sleazy and/or the patently stupid. For instance:

•  Upon being dealt the age card by a snide, narcissistic hipster, as in, "Dude, are you kidding? You're too friggin' old." You must at once assure the pretentious offender, "Actually, I can guarantee that you won't look this good when you're my age.  "Really?" the sophomoric douchenozzle will invariably say, "how can you guarantee that?"

Habeas Corpus

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Nova Silverman. I am — or was — a business associate and a close friend of Stephan Michaels'. I am sorry to report that, after enduring many months of public ridicule over his outspoken editorials and finger wagging admonishments, Stephan's battles with his critics and detractors have come to an abrupt end.

Close Encounter

Playing with my dog yesterday; she kept looking around as though someone or something was approaching. Odd behavior, as we were alone in the park. Suddenly, an orange planetary-like orb appeared, hovering in the air right before her face. She took off inexplicably towards the far end of the field, and then everything went dark. When the light returned, my dog was gone.

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