That's Right; I'm Not From Texas

 I have never been a fan of anything from Texas, except for the music scene in Austin. You can keep Dallas and Houston, their oil moneyed politicians and them "Big 'Ol Texas Bugs." In fact, when Lyle Lovette deputized everyone at the Greek Theater an honorary Texan afew years ago, I volleyed back from the 3rd row, "Hey, bud, easy with the insults."

Did you know that George W. Bush once owned the Texas Rangers? And that he traded Sammy Sosa? Did you know that Texas executes more prisoners than any state in the union, several of whom have been posthumously proven to have been innocent!? Did you know that the Texas Board of Education recently passed an amendment to ban all references to Thomas Jefferson from any text books about influential revolutionaries, because he advocated the separation of church and state? Did you know that the entire Encyclopedia Britannica was banned for more than a year - because it contained a recipe for brewing beer at home?  Come On!  (Okay. I haven't verified that one yet, but it sounds right.)

And more important, do you know who shot JR?

Go Giants!



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