Close Encounter

Playing with my dog yesterday; she kept looking around as though someone or something was approaching. Odd behavior, as we were alone in the park. Suddenly, an orange planetary-like orb appeared, hovering in the air right before her face. She took off inexplicably towards the far end of the field, and then everything went dark. When the light returned, my dog was gone.

I searched everywhere, but there was no trace. Devastated, I returned home after several hours only to find my dog sprawled across the couch in a pair of muddy overalls, drinking a cold one and watching the Manchester United / Madrid game. She was unable to offer any explanation for her whereabouts that afternoon.

I've carefully reconstructed the events, reviewed the video and analyzed the data. I now conclude that she was abducted by aliens... possibly illegal aliens. Based on her attire and the reddish-purple paw prints on the living room carpet, I believe she was transported to the next county, forced to pick berries and then returned. Somehow, she found her way home and let herself in. (She must have seen where I hide the spare key.)

The problem now is that she's drinking, watching soccer on the Spanish language channel and refusing to give back the remote.

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